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If you are seriously committed to losing the weight AND keeping it off, then you need to hear this...

Going on another diet

is the biggest mistake

you could possibly make.

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Think about it.

How many times have you said to yourself...

Starting Monday, I’m going to be really good and

I’m not going to give up this time.

Fast forward a few weeks, months maybe, and you’re sitting

on the sofa after a hard day watching Netflix.

You look down at the empty tub of Ben and Jerry’s

and you ask yourself...

What happened? Why did I do this again??

Why can’t I just figure this out?

If this sounds familiar, then it’s important to know this:

You didn’t FAIL your diet.

Your diet failed you.

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How is NuWay any different to a regular diet?
Building a Table

Imagine you bought some flat-pack furniture,

but when you tried to build it you realised you were given the wrong instruction manual.

You’d be feeling frustrated, sure,

but would you blame yourself?

Of course not!

You’d blame the manufacturer, right...?

But when it comes to failed attempts to lose weight, we very rarely blame the ‘manufacturer’ of the diet programmes... we blame ourselves.

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We believe that if only we had more willpower, motivation and just tried REALLY HARD, then we’d get the results we want, right??




It doesn’t work like that.


Because the thing is, YOU are not the problem.

The traditional approach to weight loss is the problem.


Which is why NuWay’s approach is NOT like

anything you’ve seen before...

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See the thing is,
traditional diets are really good at teaching you

WHAT to eat and HOW MUCH to eat
but they don’t explore the two other critical elements to losing weight and having a great relationship with food:
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WHY we eat
HOW we eat

You don’t need another diet plan to tell you

what to eat to lose weight, because

you ALREADY KNOW what you should be eating.


The hard bit is actually getting yourself to

do it AND to stick to it.

That’s where NuWay comes in.

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We rewire the way you think so that you can

stop feeling out of control around food and

become the BOSS of your food cravings.


We believe:

The only thing that needs to be cut out of our diet is guilt and shame.
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It is 100% possible to include ALL of your favourite foods in your diet AND hit your weight-loss goals.
You don’t have to choose between tasty foods or losing weight you CAN have both.
It is absolutely possible to love and respect your body AND want to change how your body looks AT THE SAME TIME.
Understanding WHY we eat and HOW to eat is more important for successful weight-loss than WHAT we eat.
There is no such thing as the perfect diet - only the one that you can stick to which fits
YOUR lifestyle
Your body-size may fluctuate but your self-worth doesn't.
Ready to finally stop dieting and
lose the weight this time for good?
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Hey, I'm Kate!

A few things to know about me...


I previously worked as an NHS midwife for 9 years.


It was an amazing experience and I loved the work, but I did not love how the job or working conditions affected my weight and relationship with food...

I would snack all day on chocolates on the busy postnatal ward because I was too busy and stressed to have a lunch break.

When I did finally have lunch, I would eat until I was completely stuffed

because I didn’t know when I’d be able to eat again.

I would be so exhausted when I got home from work that the thought of cooking a healthy meal was more daunting than climbing Everest.

And don’t even get me started about what I ate on night shifts

I was watching the weight creeping on but felt like there was nothing I could do about it...

I wish I knew back then what I know now.

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Qualifications and further training
MSc Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health
BSc Midwifery
PN-1 certified nutritionist
MI trained
Mental Health First Aid trained
Psychosocial Interventions module completed

Quick-fire quiz
I LOVE rock climbing and have done it for years
I drink way too much tea...

(even for a Brit..!)
I travelled around the world on my own for 1 year - it was amazing!
I spend half the year in the UK, the other half in Mexico with my husband!
Total night-owl
I was born on Christmas day!

I struggled with comfort eating and late-night snacking for most of my adult life... 


I could easily finish off a family pack of Doritoes or a bag of maltesers

before even realising what was happening!

This all changed a few years ago when I left midwifery to complete my

MSc in Nutrition, Exercise and Public Health at the University of Bristol

and started learning about what works for healthy behaviour change

and successfully applying it to my own eating habits.  

After completing my studies, I was lucky enough to get to work in the pioneering NHS Health Promotion Clinic (Here for Health) in Oxford.

Over the 4 years working in the clinic I helped 100’s of individuals from all walks of life to improve their health; whether it be by losing weight, quitting smoking, cutting down their alcohol intake or taking care of their emotional health.


Through this work and my past experiences with food I learnt about

what works for successful weight-loss that lasts and how to have a better relationship with food.


I’ve been able to support so many people to get in shape and feel more in control around food and

now I want to share it with you too!

Meet Kate

Did I forget to mention...?

I LOVE rock climbing and am so happy to have found a way to move my body that allows me to meet amazing people (including my husband!), to spend time in nature and to travel the world doing what I love!

Kate and JC - 343.jpg

My husband even proposed to me whilst climbing by attaching the ring and box (securely!) to the top of the route..! ​

Good thing I made it to the top..!

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