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What my clients say...

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I have lost 26lbs since I started with Kate. I am now on week 8 of ‘never diet again’ and I am feeling fantastic.


Kate has helped me to change my eating habits while still eating the foods I love.


I have more energy to exercise and I am enjoying day to day life so much more.


I am so excited to continue my weight loss journey without being on a ‘diet’.

CB, Coaching client, UK


I have been working with Kate for a couple of months now and I am really delighted with how things are going. I have spent the last 10 years yo-yo dieting but have never managed to maintain the weight loss long term. By having the coaching sessions with Kate I feel like something has suddenly clicked. I am now able to eat truly what I want to without any feelings of guilt or denial.


There is no diet to follow, just learning to tune in with and trust your body. The sessions have helped me to gain the tools I need to work through cravings which come up and I have also gained an understanding of my feelings and actions in relation to food, ultimately knowing that these are normal but helping me to work through them enabling me to have control of my choices.


I have completely cut down on snacking, knowing that when I do it is because I am hungry and if I have times when I am finding it more tricky I am able to talk this through during the next session. I am now able to feel satisfied with what I am eating and I am enjoying food again which in turn has lead to my mood brightening and the feeling of finally being back in control.

CT, Coaching client, UK

I've lost 1 stone 2lbs since I started working with Kate 10 weeks ago and I feel a lot better.


I feel amazing.

Going out to a restaurant last week was the first time I got halfway through my meal and thought “Oh I’m full, I don’t need any more of this food and I don’t have to eat it just because it’s there!”


And although it felt challenging to leave it, I did leave the food there on the plate and I felt really good about my choices afterwards and that I had listened to my body’s fullness signals.

JJ, Coaching client, UK

I think what was so helpful was just having Kate to talk to about [my relationship with food] and for Kate to see it, because I couldn’t see through where I was, I couldn’t see where to start, so that was really useful, to break it all down with Kate.

Making the small goals [was really helpful], I started with my afternoon snack when my baby was asleep and making a better choice with that, so filling up on fruit or nuts, rather than a chocolate bar or biscuits. That was what really helped me, was starting off with small goals, not just suddenly changing everything, because that just doesn’t work for me.

I found that the way that I think about food changed a lot, such as the morality of food, I know that there is no such thing, I know that food isn’t good, bad or ‘naughty anymore.

I think that this is more long-term, like I could have been given a meal plan for 3 weeks and lost some weight in that time, but I feel like that’s not teaching me any skills long-term, that’s not changing my mindset, and it’s my mindset around food that’s the most overwhelming thing and the weight-loss will come with it. 


I know that the weight-loss can be slower, but it’s also a massive weight off my shoulders not having all those negative thoughts about my eating and taking up my day, that makes me feel lighter.

Z, Coaching client, UK

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