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eat more when feeling stressed, sad, worried, bored

Do you eat more when you're feeling stressed, sad, worried or bored?

Weight-loss coaching for comfort-eaters


Helping you reach your goals without giving up the foods you love

Then you're in the right place

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I find it so hard to resist tasty food when I’ve had a hard day

Every day starts out well, but I always seem to give in to temptation when the evening arrives and it's time to relax

I get strong cravings to eat something after dinner, even though I know I'm not hungry!

I’m successful in other areas of my life, but I just can’t seem to figure out how to stop comfort-eating and late-night snacking.

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Do any of these sound like you...?

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​I’ve tried so many diets and weight-loss plans, but the results just never seem to last longer than a few months. The weight just keeps going back on again.

Certain foods are so difficult to keep in the house, it's like they're calling my name from the kitchen cupboard!

I eat some snacks in secret because I don’t want others to see me eating. It’s just easier this way.

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​I hear you...  And I can help.

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How would it feel if you could finally...
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Keep the weight off for good and not have to worry about it creeping back on again.
Actually forget that you have snacks in the cupboard until you find them again a few weeks later because they're not on your mind?
Get back into that gorgeous outfit that you wore a few years back where you felt confident and happy?
Enjoy the foods that you love free from guilt or shame?
Look in the mirror and feel truly satisfied with what you see
Open some snacks, enjoy a few of them and put the rest away without getting overwhelmed by strong food cravings?
Enjoy ALL foods and still keep on track with your weight-loss goals.
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Hi, I'm Kate.

I help comfort-eaters and late-night snackers to overcome their food cravings and
feel in control around food so that they can finally reach their weight-loss goals easily
and stay there WITHOUT
giving up any of their favourite foods.


What my clients say...

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I have lost 26lbs since I started with Kate. I am now on week 8 of ‘never diet again’ and I am feeling fantastic.


Kate has helped me to change my eating habits while still eating the foods I love.


I have more energy to exercise and I am enjoying day to day life so much more.


I am so excited to continue my weight loss journey without being on a ‘diet’.

Carolyn, UK

I have been working with Kate for a couple of months now and I am really delighted with how things are going. I have spent the last 10 years yo-yo dieting but have never managed to maintain the weight loss long term. By having the coaching sessions with Kate I feel like something has suddenly clicked. I am now able to eat truly what I want to without any feelings of guilt or denial.


There is no diet to follow, just learning to tune in with and trust your body. The sessions have helped me to gain the tools I need to work through cravings which come up and I have also gained an understanding of my feelings and actions in relation to food, ultimately knowing that these are normal but helping me to work through them enabling me to have control of my choices.


I have completely cut down on snacking, knowing that when I do it is because I am hungry and if I have times when I am finding it more tricky I am able to talk this through during the next session. I am now able to feel satisfied with what I am eating and I am enjoying food again which in turn has lead to my mood brightening and the feeling of finally being back in control.

Claire, UK

I've lost 1 stone 2lbs since I started working with Kate 10 weeks ago and I feel a lot better.


I feel amazing.

Going out to a restaurant last week was the first time I got halfway through my meal and thought “Oh I’m full, I don’t need any more of this food and I don’t have to eat it just because it’s there!”


And although it felt challenging to leave it, I did leave the food there on the plate and I felt really good about my choices afterwards and that I had listened to my body’s fullness signals.

Jane, UK

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